The Royal Palms Resort
Scottsdale, AZ

About Us


The happy couple

The world knows Brad as an actor,  raconteur, and owner of PHX⚽.ws, but inside, he was just looking for the right woman to complete him. 

Jennifer is more than just a style icon for millions of women, she's also a virtuoso tennis player and world champion archer. Her startup, SF🐶.ws, just went public. Its stock ticker symbol is: 💰💰💰💰


How we met

We met at a Bigfoot convention. We weren't there looking for love -- we were searching for Sasquatch -- but we found  our soulmates instead. Bonding over their shared love of both tacos and Emoji Domains at i❤️, Brad and Jennifer knew they'd be together forever.


Our engagement

Brad proposed on the top of Mt Vesuvious, the world's most dangerous volcano. It was very Brad: romantic, dangerous, intriguing. As always, Brad's timing was impeccable: the volcano erupted moments after we left, leveling two small villages.

Wedding Registry

We are registered at i❤️.ws

That's where we buy all our Emoji Domain names. 

We think Emoji Domains work great for wedding sites

Give your guests an easy domain to remember.

Wedding Event Details

Bridal Party

Jennifer's best friend Angelina, Senior Broker at I🏠, will serve as Maid of Honor. She will contact you with the details. Do not contact her.


We'll be joined in holy matrimony by the hologram of Tupac Shakur. The real one. The one from Coachella. Not the other one.

Rehearsal Dinner

The night before, we'll gather with close family and friends at the Griffith Observatory, high atop the Hollywood hills. We'll feast like kings with catering provided by i❤️!


Dress is black tie and will take place in the gardens of the Royal Palms Resort. Normal winter temperatures in Scottsdale, AZ are expected to be around 80° F, with it cooling off quite a bit at night. Plan accordingly!


The reception will be in the main reception hall of the Royal Palms Resort. Attendees will have the opportunity to build their own Emoji Domain site with the GoDaddy GoCentral website builder and i❤️.ws.

Brunch for Out of Town Guests

We won't be offended if you've had too much fun the night before to join us the next morning, but come by if you want to wish us well before heading off to our honeymoon with the Yeti in Ny-Ålesund, Norway, the northernmost continuously inhabited town in the world!


We hope to see you there!

Got Questions?

Wedding Details


Come one, come all! Brad and Jennifer and thrilled to be joined by family and friends to celebrate our union.

Just to be clear: this is a demo site for Emoji Domains, built by Domain Research Group. 

We used GoDaddy GoCentral to build this site. Took about 15 minutes.

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Royal Palms Resort

5200 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018


Festivities begin at noon!